APhotoADay is different things to different people. It started off as an email listserv and a website. It was a home for work you shot for you — not them. It was a place to get constructive criticism. A place to seek inspiration. A like-minded group of people dedicated to the advancement of photojournalism. People who wanted to raise the bar for everyone. It became a community. A family.

We Are Community

Since 2001, we’ve watched photographers develop and find their voice on the APAD listserv. Some have grown from young college photographers into the industry’s brightest stars. Having that support system is empowering, especially for freelancers and staffers at small publications where leadership and guidance are in short supply. We are each other’s sounding boards, editors, mentors and friends.

College Geekfest

We are bringing a slimmed-down version of APAD’s annual GeekFest to universities across the land. Much like when we first started meeting up in 2001, COLLEGE GEEKFEST features an old school shootout (with prizes!), along with inspirational presentations by fun professionals in the visual world. The best part? It’s free for all - student and professional alike. Next stop: the University of Oregon.