Thanks Big Red!

The first APAD College Geekfest happened at Western Kentucky University March 23rd-25th!

WKU photojournalism student Tyger Williams had this to say:

I was excited for the APAD workshop and was interested in meeting Bob Croslin, Kainaz Amaria and Jasmine Defoore. I learned a lot from just a few days and experienced an opportunity that not a lot of people have the chance to do. Over the weekend I was able to meet the coaches and do a print trade with them.  The next day was eventful with the shoot out amongst my fellow classmates and other photographers. It was quite intimidating and challenging going up against everyone while photographing the same event. It was interesting seeing how everyone went about photographing March for our lives and seeing the results during the reviews. Before that we had the chance to learn about the coach’s experiences in their career and how they worked their way to where they are now. It was helpful knowing that you can succeed and make a living from doing different specialties like portrait photography, photo editing and video editing. It was inspiring to see their work, which motivated me to focus on what I’m good at (video) and push myself to be a better photojournalist. 


photos by Jonathan Adams

Hey, Western Kentucky University photojournalists!

We are bringing a slimmed-down version of APAD’s annual GeekFest to universities across the land. Much like when we first started meeting up in 2001, COLLEGE GEEKFEST features an old school shootout (with prizes!), along with inspirational presentations by amazing professionals in the visual world. The best part? It’s free for all - student and professional alike. So if you're a WKU student or a student at a nearby college, or a photographer based in the area, we hope you'll join us.

The first COLLEGE GEEKFEST is at WKU on March 23rd & 24th 2018.

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